Ski Accident Damage: Reimbursement in Civil and Criminal Affairs

Over the period of time, there has been a huge increase in the demand for the winter sports. This fun oriented sport can be dangerous if any dreadful incidents take place.

Ski, water sport is not appraised as a “dangerous sport” according to the article 2050 of the Civil Code. But the municipality considers the alpine skiing as a risky sport.

Skiers should always follow the guidelines of the sector legislation, Law 363/2003 and the ” The Skier’s Decalogue”, be careful on the slopes, always wear ski or the snowboard helmet but its mandatory to wear the helmet for the children below 14 years, its best to take these precautions to save yourself from any injury or even induce any liabilities.

Which civil law comes from the skiing accident compensation claim?

The civil law concerning the skiing accident compensation claims that if any person causes any injury intentionally or because of any major injury to the other person then the former is entrusted to pay the compensation of the damage to the latter.

This indicates that if any person is injured or have experienced damage while skiing, solely by another skier then the culprit is entitled to provide the compensation for the patrimonial damages, for example, medical expenses, equipment etc and non –patrimonial damages such as psychological and physical losses, moral damage etc.

If the culprit has insurance coverage then the whole amount of the damage caused by him/her will be incurred by the insurance company or else the culprit is responsible to pay the entire damage by himself/herself. It is advised that all the skiers should be aware about the ski insurance laws before they pay this sport.

Which are the crimes which may occur as a result of skiing accident?

The following are the crimes which can occur in the skiing accident:-

  1. Slaying
  2. Unsuccessful in helping a person in danger
  3. Carelessly cause personal damage

The crimes which encompass serious damages administered by the Article 590 of the criminal code depict the victim to file a complaint within three months from the occurrence of the event so that the investigations can be executed. If the victim wants then he/she can also accompany the investigators who are entrusted to find out the truth behind the accident. The victim may claim the damage through civil court as well.



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