Little do we know, vast are the realities! You will never exactly discover how deep the water is unless you jump over it! So is our law. We guessed it wrong! It’s not as small as we think so. And fortunately you will be made clear only when you fall in an unfortunate legal issue, as if it happens, probably your next move will be to hire a lawyer isn’t it? There you will get a chance of finding the different lawyers specializing in specific area of laws. And I swear you will be left wide-eyed once after learning it. The discussion will be in a larger note further but as of now let’s talk what we are not so uncertain about. Shall we?


Family lawyer is a very well known personality to most of the people and who runs a marital life in particular. You might be unhappy with your partner and want a legal separation or hell bent to fight for your child’s custody, spouse support case etc. For all these of kind of issues a family lawyer could be the right one to support you legally and give you a peaceful outcome.



This lawyer deals with the criminal cases. Unluckily, if you or any of your beloved happens to get stuck in a criminal case only this kind of lawyers can take you out from the legal trap. Criminal lawyer deals with the issues like bail, accusation, arrest and frees the client from the trouble.


General practice advocates does several kind of legal issues and not exactly like the attorney who limits himself to a particular area of law! So for general problems it’s good to opt for a lawyer of this sort.

This discussion is just a beginning.

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