If any one person involved in a car accident has auto insurance, the situation can be under control. However, it is not legal for the person to have an insurance policy just to ride in a vehicle. If he or she suffers any kind of injury in an accident and no insurance policy is available, they are liable to seek the help through state funds.


If you have found yourself without insurance coverage without any fault, you can access a state fund.Suppose you are a traveller in another person’s vehicle. Your auto insurance policy would be primarily responsible for covering your bills. You would then take  bodily injury compensation from the auto insurance policy of one of the drivers involved in the accident.In this case, you should look into accessing state funds.


Unfortunately, if you were a driver who made the choice of avoiding to buy an auto insurance, you are on your own trouble. State laws allows you to buy coverage and even set specific standards for minimum coverage limits so that you can easily access to insurance benefits in any unforeseen event. If you do not buy any policy, you have not adhered to the law, even if you were not involved directly in the accident. In this kind of situation, you, generally, do not have any ground for filing a personal injury claim.

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