Corporate and transaction banking

What is corporate and transaction banking?

Bank’s corporate clients certainly seek a banking service for their business to be driven
constantly and corporate and trade banking is the one which offers that sort of service to the

They help us offering trade finance, short term finance and most importantly cash management
services and more. If you business is large, the process will more probably be complicated, so in
that case the service has the respective expert to assist the clients.

Here we figure out some of the common questions people put in!

1. Could you give us an overview of one of the services that corporate and transaction
banking provide?
For instance take, cash management for a firm in retail industry with a number of shop all around
The system helps;
 Collecting the money from all the shops, dropping it safe in the bank account.
 Conversion of currencies from one country into another.
 Provide daily cash statement to manage one’s financial status.

2. How does the work of banking team produce revenue for itself?
The income is generated in two different ways! One is it makes a good sum of money as a trade
line from the services they render to their clients. For the service in cash management and trade
finance the clients will be charged fees in separate. And the next is charging interest while
lending client’s money! Though the service comes up with huge income than the others, it is
complex too. Many companies do seeks the bank to lend them money but the banking service
can’t demand high interest out of that as they borrow from the markets, that indeed will make no
point at the end. Instead they boost up the customers by handling cash management,
underwriting bond problems, advice on complex transaction etc.

3. How they enjoy working in that area?
Smart dealing with fast moving markets, variety of business and related people, interaction with
experts is what makes them delighted.

4. Opinion on graduates joining corporate banking?

It never went wrong when graduates step in, to work in bank as they will get the credit analysis
training, fully understand the risks hidden and drive their career to the next higher level.
5. Tell us the current hot topics!
How to cross sell and shield from risks are the never ending hot topics of corporate transaction

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